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[Updated PROShine] PROShine - teanodonuts - 2018-02-21

Since Silv3rPRO is away I decided to fork, update and publish PROShine release. 

v2.7.2.0 - Release here (New pokemon, new abilities and new moves are all added, compatable with Pokemon Pro 2018 Valentine release)

I will be updating PROShine if new PokePRO releases will be comming out, I will also try to contact Silv3rPRO to get access to the main repo.
If you want to get in touch with me (for example you want to contribute?) - you can find me on proshine discord. Look for @Tea. Or you can reply here

RE: [Updated PROShine] PROShine - Precious - 2018-02-21

Great job.