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Scyther kanto safari catcher Help
Hello can u please help me with this script so it can use False swipe + spore instead of trowing only pokeballs and get all my pokes dead by 1 wild scyther Thank you

name = "Scyther and Eevee Safari Zone catcher"
author = "asomeguy"
description = "Catches Scyther on Noon and Night, Eevees on Morning. Uses a Synchronize on the first position. Automatically buy Great Balls and heals when you are out of the Safari and your Second Pokemon is not usable"

-- ******** Configuration Section *********

-- Money left when you want the script to Stop

MinMoney = 10000

-- Balls left when you want it to buy more,and how many more you want to buy

MinBalls = 15
BuyBalls = 30

-- ******** End configuration Section *****

function onStart()
    scytherCounter = 0
    eeveeCounter = 0
    shinyCounter = 0
    pokecenterCounter = 0


function onBattleMessage(wild)
    if wild == "A Wild SHINY " then
        shinyCounter = shinyCounter + 1
    elseif wild == "A Wild [FF9900]Scyther[-] Attacks!" then
        scytherCounter = scytherCounter + 1
    elseif wild == "A Wild [FF9900]Eevee[-] Attacks!" then
        eeveeCounter = eeveeCounter + 1

function onDialogMessage(pokecenter)
    if stringContains(pokecenter, "Would you like me to heal your Pokemon?") then
        pokecenterCounter = pokecenterCounter + 1

function onPause()
    log("Scyther Counter: " .. scytherCounter)
    log("Eevee Counter: " .. eeveeCounter)
    log("Shinies Caught: " .. shinyCounter)
    log("Times in Pokecenter: " .. pokecenterCounter)

function onBattleAction()
    if (getActivePokemonNumber() != 1) then
        if isWildBattle() and (isOpponentShiny() or getOpponentName()=="Scyther" or getOpponentName()=="Eevee" or getOpponentName()=="Umbreon") then
            return useItem("Pokeball") or useItem("Great Ball") or useItem("Ultra Ball") or sendUsablePokemon() or run()
            return attack() or sendUsablePokemon() or run()
        return sendUsablePokemon() or run()

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