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GM's method
GM is teleported you on the same map. 
for example
[15:57:22] Arbok's Intimidate cuts Xatu's attack!
[15:57:28] You have run away from the wild Pokemon.
[15:57:30] Position updated: Vulcan Path (10, 31) [OK, lag, distance=4]
[15:57:34] Bot stopped
[15:57:34] Position updated: Vulcan Path (10, 31) [WARNING, distance=8] /!\
[15:57:34] Disconnected from the server.

if it encounters an error like this,bot stops and closes the game.

But GM accused me of being out of the game. he can't prove it, but he has an guess
[Image: qvmLg5.png]
Can this method be improved? 

If PRO admins are reading this, one day you will be helpless.
One day you will not catch us. And we will do it
function onWarningMessage (isDifferentMap, distance)
    return playSound("Assets/alarmnokia.wav")

function onPathAction()
    if isPrivateMessageEnabled() then log("Private messages disabled.") return disablePrivateMessage() end
   if isPokemonUsable(1) and getMapName() != "Prof. Antibans Classroom" then
       if getMapName() == "Mt. Silver Pokecenter" then
           moveToMap("Mt. Silver Exterior")
       elseif getMapName() == "Mt. Silver Exterior" then
           moveToRectangle(13, 6, 19, 12)
        if getMapName() == "Prof. Antibans Classroom" then
       elseif getMapName() == "Mt. Silver Exterior" then
            moveToMap("Mt. Silver Pokecenter")
       elseif getMapName() == "Mt. Silver Pokecenter" then

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