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GM's method
(2018-06-06, 20:47:42)AngeHell
function onWarningMessage (isDifferentMap, distance)
   return playSound("Assets/alarmnokia.wav")
use this to not be disconnected.

This is not what I mean.
GM is teleporting to know you are the bot. 
After the teleport, the bot stops.
If the bot is stopped then if you are AFK. banned

[8:01:29 AM] Charmander gained 6 Exp.
[8:01:29 AM] You found 4 Pokedollar(s). 
[8:01:29 AM] You have won the battle. 
[8:01:30 AM] Bot stopped
[8:01:30 AM] Position updated: Route 1 Stop House (0, 10) [WARNING, different map] /!\

they are using this method... we should be aware of this.
Teleport([WARNING, different map] /!\) => bot Stops=>AFK=>Banned

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