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[Beginners] How to install PROShine and use it!
QuoteHey guys,
im Migno and today I gonna show you how to install the latest version from ProShine and how to use it ! Even if the Bot is pretty self-explaining, from there to here are users who dont know how to use it corrently.

Step 1: Requirements
Windows Vista ( Service Pack 2), Windows 7 ( Service Pack 1 ), Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 are the only supported operating systems for the time being. Linux and Max might be supported in the future, using Mono or .Net Core, but this is currently not the case.

Mobile devices ( Android, iOS, .. ) will neber be supported.

ProShine requires the .NET Framework 4.5.2. if you do not already have it, you can download and install it here.

Step 2: Downloading the latest ProShine
First of all you want to download the latest version of ProShine from the Forum. Remember: For every Pokemon-Revolution-Online Update you have to download the updated ProShine from the forums again, theres sadly no auto-update yet.

You can get the latest version here:
Announcements > Download links and requirements

The Bot itself does not require an installation, you can place it where ever you want, on your desktop, your harddrive or even on a USB-Stick. Once you extracted the .zip file the bot is basicly ready to work for you !

Step 3: 'Login' and the Interface
The first thing you need to do once you have the application running is to login to your Pokemon Revolution Online account.
Locate the Connection menu and select Login.

[Image: sDLh26N.png]

Enter your PRO username and your PRO password in the connection window then press enter. After that is done click on 'save' and expand the dropdown on the right side, next to the 'save' button. If you dont want to save your Login-information its fine too, its just for a faster login. You can store multiple account in that way too !

[Image: R1J67tQ.png]

I recommend that you do not use this bot on your main account, just in case the bot happen to get detected and you get banned. It never happened yet, but that does not mean it is impossible.
If you know what a SOCKS proxy is, you can use one here. If you don't, just don't check the box.

Once logged-in (it may take a while and you might need to try again since the servers are often down or full), you have access to five areas.

The four areas on the left side of the window are Team, Inventory, Chat and Players.

Team: Contains information about your current team. Everything is self-explanatory. The ID is the national Pokedex ID.
Inventory: Contains your current inventory. Do not worry too much about the scope, it's just the type of the item.
Chat: Contains... well... the current chat. You can read and write messages and yes, you can answer to PM's.
Players:Contains all Players who are in your near, even with a distance-display.

The bottom area contains the Message Log. Basically, any battle message, dialog message or system message will end up there.
Next to the menu items, you can also see your character status, current map, current position and pokedollars.

Step 4: Loading a script and starting it

Once you are logged in and everthing is fine, you have to locate the Bot menu and click on Script: none. After you did that a new file-browser window should open, once you got there its easy as the "ABC", locate your "scripts" folder within the file-browser and load a .lua file from there. Once its loaded you should get a note on your Log ( Remember: Thats the bottom part of the Bot window ). After that, locate the "Bot" menu and click on start.
[Image: wTZeKGm.png]

Congratulations! You just started ProShine, loggedin, loaded a script and startet it !
If you are looking for a specific script you can also check the "Scripts" section here on the forums and C&P theese scripts into your Editor and save it as "Whateveryouwant.lua".

Useful Link: Released Scripts on the Forums
Useful Link: Unofficial Script-Database
No support for scripts from other authors or edited scripts ( except config.lua ). If you change something on the "core" and it isnt working anymore then you can fix it by your own.
Feel free to contact me for informations and tips !

help please....i cant even do a copy past SadSadSad
(2016-08-21, 09:20:30)isldcgsdicsd help please....i cant even do a copy past SadSadSad

Explain your Problem a bit more, i cant believe you are unable to Copy&Paste Smile
Should add .net framework 4.52 as requirement.
(2016-08-21, 14:30:13)gamer233 Should add .net framework 4.52 as requirement.

Good idea, i'll add the requirements.
[02:25:52 a. m.] Bot started
[02:25:52 a. m.] Start botting.
[02:25:52 a. m.] error: isPokemonUsable: tried to retrieve the non-existing pokemon 2.
[02:25:52 a. m.] Bot stopped

Help me :c
(2016-10-11, 07:26:48)Brand9999 [02:25:52 a. m.] Bot started
[02:25:52 a. m.] Start botting.
[02:25:52 a. m.] error: isPokemonUsable: tried to retrieve the non-existing pokemon 2.
[02:25:52 a. m.] Bot stopped

Help me :c

Which script do you use? Show it to us and we're may able to help you.
please help me i'm succes log in to server but i can't choose bot script and start it how to fix it? help me i'm newbie

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