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Hey Question about ProShine harmful/unwated software ?
morning u just started ProShine and then i get a popup window saying that the exe file is harmful/unwanted - malware
so my question is why do i get it now when i been using it for a long time now ?

added a attachment picture to show u the window ^^

also ignore  the *version* its just the folder to lazy to change the name

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PROShine should not contain any unwanted software at all. I hate those. I hate ads in general.

Make sure you download the zip over a secure HTTPS connection, on this thread: https://proshine-bot.com/thread-1125.html
Also make sure the SHA-256 of the zip is correct:
Then, you can check the SHA-256 hash of the executable:
(If you don't know how, the 7-Zip application can check this through the right click menu.)

If the checksums do not match, make sure you do not have any virus on your computer. They can inject ads into every application you download.
If they match, you should be good to go. It is probably a false positive.

Finally, here is a recent VirusTotal scan:

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