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Shane preparing something Big?
So i'vez been in Shane yesterday's stream and someone asked what he would've done about bots... he said something big comming up next patch well i guess it's an end of an era anyone got any information share it pls  Confused Confused
I wouldn't worry about it too much. I would just limit your botting or stop completely until Silv3r and the other have the chance to check things out and find a work around to whatever shane does.

All of the people here working on PROShine are quite talented and will come up with something no matter what is thrown in their way.
Isn't a whole lot he can do really..nothing is injected into the game so a regular ole anticheat will do nothing, the scripts are getting more and more advanced with multiple patterns and such..so a sequence detection wouldn't work too well and would prob cause a lot of false positive bans on legit players. Captcha would just annoy people..really the only threat is them getting more and more GMs
Ok it's a relief to know that

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