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Some Details About Antibot (including screenshots)
So I just had my first encounter with antibot today.
I will not give out much details publicly for obvious reasons, I'm willing to give some more details in PM to the developers if they need it.
- I wasn't in a very common farming map and it was rather quite where I was, no other players in sight.
- I was surfing.
- The map switched while I was moving
- I hadn't been afk for at least the past twenty minutes
- I had been playing for less than an hour and I'd say it'd been around 20 mins since I started my wild encounters (and I had been mostly running away from battles)
- The teleport is instant without any delay, it just loads the map
- The map name is "Prof. Antibans Classroom"
- I only took one screen of coords and will not say the coords publicly (I didn't want to take too long to complete the challenge)
- The professor moves left and right
- Interaction is not triggered automatically
- I did not try to interact with anything except the professor.
- The questions are the same ones others have posted here (I will not say what they are or list the orders publicly until I gather more info)
- I did not try to log out or do anything to skip this as it was my first encounter with antibot and I wanted to see how it goes.
- When I finished I spawned back to the exact spot I was in but I wasn't surfing anymore but had to activate surf again (important as to not get the bot stuck)
- I forgot to check the map when I was there, it might point something out.
- Looking back on the chat now I realize a couple of other players were asking how to complete the antiban challenge in help, they might have run into the system around the same time I did.
- There is nothing significant about the time or hour the challenge hit.

Link to Gallery:
- It seems the antiban kicks in at 20 mins of cont. gameplay after login.
- It also hit again at around the 1hr 30mins - 1hr 45min mark

- Also been through antiban around 5 times all same questions
- books on desks show the answers for the questions.

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