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Route 33 - Shinx/Heracross Catcher with False Swipe
Guys, i need one script for catch shinx and heracross in route 33 in johto, but with false swipe, i try to make, but the false swipe give e a error will try catch the pokemon. For it, in stay here, please, someone has or can make of this?

I thank you [Image: heart.png] :p
can you post your script here and I can edit it for ya
As pandabear already said, please post your script here.
Once this is done, i'll take a look on it.
No support for scripts from other authors or edited scripts ( except config.lua ). If you change something on the "core" and it isnt working anymore then you can fix it by your own.
Feel free to contact me for informations and tips !


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