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(2016-12-03, 19:21:22)Silv3r Changes since

Quote* Updated for Pokémon Revolution Online v0.95.8x (Red Nose Stantler).

* Added getPokemonForm and getOpponentForm to the API, to detect event Pokémon or just alternate forms.

* Added moveToNormalGround to the API. (Thanks @vladslav)

* Updated the pokémon abilities list. (Thanks @Zonz)

* Improved the NPC API. getNpcData now contains more fields and getActiveBerryTrees is more accurate. (Thanks @MeltWS)

* Fixed releasePokemonFromPC. Please take note that this function must still be called twice since there is a confirmation message. (Thanks @Zonz for reporting)

* Fixed the bot not waiting after releasing a pokémon.

Download link: PROShine-
Size: 743,459 bytes
SHA-256: ca41cf7b22ca533dc0de57e93ec59a0ae3a0c7baed6d5082f13ca4a5c73d9b6b

[0:18:31] Connecting to the server...
[0:18:31] Connected, authenticating...
[0:18:31] Authentication failed: Outdated client, please wait for an update
[0:18:31] Disconnected from the server.

just need wait? how much time need wait?Big Grin
Tu parle de la map hoenn ??
any idea when the update is going to come out?? Sad
Pourriez vous me indiquer un lien à télécharger pour la carte hoenn car je trouve toujours pas
Pourriez vous me envoyer le lien à télécharger de la map hoenn.?? Route 102,103,104,111,110......help mee
When will the new update go out ?
Update Please ;(
Je crois on peut toujours rêver pour la mise à jour... ?
Hello could you make me a complete cript for in hoenn of pokecenter ever big city evolve to quote in victory road hoenn 1f. Please help me i am french and the cript these in english thank you very much in advance
hey i wa banned by using this, is there any chance i can be unbanned?? i was using the latest version of this bot
Why are you people bumping this thread? This isn't even the newest version.
If you want a personalized script, feel free to DM me. I have nothing better to do.  Big Grin

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