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Bug with Staff evader ? Or AC Classroom ?
Hi there, 
Today I got my account banned while I was hunting XMAS Pikachu.
I got this message "[13:22:45] [GM] Anduin appears on the map at 4 cells from you." but it didn't disconnect me, moreover when I was moved to AC Classroom, the bot started to spam
"[13:22:45] Getting on bike.
[13:22:45] System: You can't use this item on this map!"
So now I got my account banned from PRO, not my first time but kinda surprising because I thought that there was a fix to this. Btw if anyone has some advice to convince GM to unban you ^^ .
For how much hours u bot was auto doing things today?
there is no fix to this, the staff are a lot more active at teleporting people to the classroom. it's what happens when there are 100 botters on one map, it's pretty easy to spot.
GM tele me into blank space but not ban me cant cut can tele coz dont have rope lol, then he sudenly tele on my 3 bot acoount ( maybe he tele based on my ip), which are auto dc, then he tele to my new account which i play but then i also log out right away before get banned, lol our beloved GM so active right,

and my question do GM will remember my 4 account or just forgot it then i can bot again?

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