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Quote* Fix a few crashes related to the map viewer.

Download link: PROShine-
Size: 752,430 bytes
SHA-256: 165dd71b73e620bbb72e493ebace6db3d7c54c797bc6dc94087864b5f58c53d6
TnQ fast fix . liolau Good job and ofcorse Silv3r. Tnx
Was all done by Silv3r, I was too lazy to fix it properly yesterday, which is what Silv3r then did for me.
what does the option support do and how do i implement it, can someone specify specifically cause i don't quite understand Zonz code. I mean, what i understand is that it creates buttons, but what is the intention of creating buttons and text option?
The purpose of the options is to modify script behavior while a script is running. Previously if you wanted to change something, like whether or not to catch uncaught Pokemon for example, you would have to stop the script, change the text, save, then reload the script. The options give you the ability to do this instantly with the literal click of a button, or the modifying of a text field.
how to use this boot and not get banned? I already banned in 3 accounts!
using bot never safe X3
It's still very ambiguous to me, so when you want to, for example, do between set of action 1 and set of action 2, the code would look like this:
if getOption(1, true) then action 1, else action 2
is the above pseudocode correct
and how do you implement text option, can you give me a specific example for both case, a simple script may help.
setOptionName(1, "Use Grass")
setOptionDescription(1, "If true, will hunt in grass instead of water.")

setTextOptionName(1, "Pokemon to fight with")
setTextOptionDescription(1, "The name of the Pokemon you wish to send into battle.")

function onPathAction()
    if getTextOption(1) == "" then
        return fatal("Please define the name of the Pokemon you wish to fight with.")
    if getOption(1) then
        return moveToGrass()
        return moveToWater()

function onBattleAction()
    local index = 0
    for i = 1, getTeamSize() do
        if getPokemonName(i) == getTextOption(1) then
            index = i
    if index == 0 then
        return fatal("Error: " .. getTextOption(1) .. " not found in party.")
    if getActivePokemonNumber() != index then
        return sendPokemon(index)
        return attack()
it's much clearer now, thanks zonz Smile) maybe in the future, you could specify an api document or an example can pretty much explain everything.
thank you almighty silver !!!
looks like GM are able to detect the bot right now, hope silver can help us on it
there's a hard sweep in PRO, they simply detect botter manually, suggest you guys stop botting for a while,
(2017-02-10, 05:40:04)ilovepokemon looks like GM are able to detect the bot right now, hope silver can help us on it

The GM are not able to detect the bot, we would all be banned if this was the case.

However, they are able to find and ban suspicious players based on their behaviour (not really moving like a human, not taking any break, not answering to teleportation or messages...).
This process is entirely manual: if they don't see you, they will not ban you.

Also, if you create a new account after getting banned, use a public VPN or use multiple accounts at once, you will get checked almost instantly because your IP is now suspicious.
can u help me to instaling on windows 8.1 or windows 10 ??

sorry i'm newbie Confused
How do I use the support option? Where is the button?
Loved The New map Features <3
(2017-02-19, 13:52:23)Dracula-(Dracos) Loved The New map Features <3

what feature ??, npc and stuff that appear on map ??
thank you Silv3r.
ty but the bot stops every 10minutes or something, is that just me?
Does this work for linux / ubuntu?
(2017-03-10, 22:38:20)Lapras09 Does this work for linux / ubuntu?

Not officially, seems to work under Wine.
You could give compiling with Mono a shot.
this link for 64bit or 32 bit ??
(2017-03-31, 14:19:14)huyyeuaj321 this link for 64bit or 32 bit ??

Both. This is a C# application compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit processors.
The code will automatically get executed as x86 or x86_64 depending on your architecture.

More information here: http://stackoverflow.com/a/516740
love you Silv3r  Heart Heart Heart

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