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Take care ban hammer
Got banned two accounts on pro... keep eyes open, they have more gms now i think... WP
What were you doing, when got banned?
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i also got banned, i was just grinding in victory road
Were you running the last version? 5.0 or more.
I believe these are all manual bans, performed by staff members. As it is now it's pretty easy to tell if someone is botting, all you have to do is watch them for a while.
If they always take the same path without any variation, if all they do is go back and forth between two points in grass or caves.
I've came to the conclusion that botting in areas where end-game is, or areas that have unique pokemons that can't be found elsewhere (Elite 4, Cinnabar Mansion for Charmander) increase the ban risk, since these areas often have experienced players, and staff members in them.

I also have a few suggestions that may reduce this risk, an option to randomize movement in grass or caves while hunting for wild pokemons, making the bot take different paths even though these might not be the shortest path to the desired destination, an option to make the bot stop for a period of time, this can be useful for long sessions, as no human player would play for 4-3 hours straight without stopping even once.
I'll further think about these suggestions before posting them in the ideas and suggestions section. Ultimately, there'll always be a slight risk, if you can't afford to lose an account don't bot on it.
The movements are already random but they do not look human like, a human would tend to take the same path more often than the bot. We may try to improve that behaviour in the future but that's not our priority.

Now, I really need to know what version of the bot you were running when you got ban.
G0ld, could you add an option to insert a specific delay between some action? Like walking for 6sec (or a period that we can set ourself) and wait for 1sec or 2sec before moving again. It will maybe look more "human".
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I was banned on April 2nd I always used the latest version, before starting the bot I'd check if there were any updates with the launcher, so the version is whichever one was on April 2nd ( or
I haven't been banned since, and I've been at it non stop.
Latest version for sure. Gonna start over again, lets see how i do this time haha... Gonna try to bot on safe zones... Victory road was my first and second ban.
Since you just opened this topic, I suppose you were not running the latest version.
Not 5.1 but in that time, was the latest. Manual ban for sure G0ld, because i see many gms on that area on this days.
I need to know what version you were running. :'(
If i recall it right he must used becasue that was the latest version when this thread was created.
But yeah i can also say that around *Youknow12hwaitingtimezone* i saw way more Admins/Mods around than normal.

I mostly use the bot in *youknow* there you rarely see any Mods/Admins.
So far i farmed around 4mil without a ban.
Infact still farming there no ban.

I would also put my guess on a manual ban.
InfiniteBored, perhaps you should edit out that location Smile
froid InfiniteBored, perhaps you should edit out that location Smile
Yeah you never know Tongue
It`s out now.
Just keep a eye out for Blue names ^^
New version avoids nearexit funcions Big Grin
froid InfiniteBored, perhaps you should edit out that location Smile
Yeah you never know Tongue
It`s out now.
Just keep a eye out for Blue names ^^

Sorry for the necro, but what location is that, victory road is kinda slow :/ , if you can't say it no hard feelings.
I also got banned, in the live log box where you can see the npc talks and exp / cash gains it was a text something like "you were permanently banned from IDONTKNOWTHENAME". Disconnectet from the server. I think that was a GM with a "hidden" account or smt like that?
did u got a pm?
did u use proxy?
did u try out a new proxy or checked accountstats at their official site?
i'm not good i'm coding but i'm good in psychology, if you want the bot look like humans, we need do slow them, let me explains.

the bor move and react to fast, you need to program a time beetwin 0.3, and 1 second (randomly) every, 3 seconds. I don't know if you can program that.

also make something to take control of the bot, see pm. if you can. Good luck

sorry for my english
The bot is already doing all of that.
I was banned today, using, PROShine, Fuchsia Route 15.
Just to clarify. When people get banned using PROShine it's not because they have any kind of software that can notice the program.
It's because a GM is manually checking out the bot and doing some tests, like teleporting the trainer away from where it is etc.
The 2 main reasons you get caught using PROShine are 1. Bad script, 2. Unlucky.
When I say unlucky I just mean that maybe the script was good, but it has been used so many times the GM is aware.
Or that a GM might have come to these forums and checked the scripts and then gone into the game to look for people using them.

Just my two cents.
I got bored.

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