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how to make the bot stop for a chosen message?
when I get the message "WARNING, distance=X"
or "lag,ok,."
or another map, how to make the bot stop and logout my account?
move this post to requests bro
(2017-04-30, 00:37:47)X1VK_TroJan move this post to requests bro

no1 replys there..
not true, i answered before this one :v.
I do NOT publish script and don't accept script requests.
I just help people do their own scripts.
man try this probot.dll this will stop the script if this message appears "WARNING, distance=X" i made this to stop the bot or if u log out then the stuff will suspect u so download and test it just download it and copy and paste it into the proshine main directory Smile .
LINK to download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/gj86gvtof6...PROBot.dll
I don't accept any request for at the moment.

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