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Changes since

+ Rework the chat into multiple channels.
+ Add private messages.
+ Add a text area to send chat messages.

Included scripts:
* The Victory Road path is no longer using moveNearExit.

Run the PROShine launcher to automatically download this update.
You can discuss about the update here, please report all bugs to the Bug reports forum.
so no more ban in victory road ?
webobo so no more ban in victory road ?
No ban at all looks unrealistic. Less bans for sure, however.
How does private messages work? what do i see in the bot if someone has pmed me and how do i reply?

Sorry for this question, but i can't test it out myself, because none of my friends play pro.

Anyways thanks for the updates Silver, I really appreciate your work.

EDIT : nvm i found out Smile
It seems the better the update the less viruses Wink Virus scan: 0/1337 Awesome!
Boomer, I look forward to your virus scan every update! Thanks for keeping us safe.
C'mon down and join the winning team, because here at Globo Gym, we're better than you...

...and we know it!
You know it!
Wow, this is a great update. Thanks silver!

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