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Help with PC
I would like if someone can provide me with a simple script that lets us withdraw a pokemon from pc
Can you be a bit more specific?

PROShine Functions -> From line 200 to line 238 you have all PC functionalities

So as you can see you are able to do all sort of things. You want to pick a specific pokemon? Is it for moveset? Like headbutt, dig, etc or is it to train? Understand that getting a pokemon from PC if you only specify the pokemon name or ID might be trick since you can have more than one.

Once you provide a bit more information I can try to help you.

i want a simple script to help me withdraw a pokemon from my pc like i used this script to identify the pokemon in my pc

description="Testing PC API"

local bestIVCount = 0
local bestPokemonBox = -1
local bestPokemonId = -1
local bestPokemonName
local currentBoxId = 1
local currentPokemonId = 1

function pokemonIVSum(bodId, pokemonId)
    local hp        = getPokemonIndividualValueFromPC(bodId, pokemonId, "hp")
    local health    = getPokemonIndividualValueFromPC(bodId, pokemonId, "health")
    local attack    = getPokemonIndividualValueFromPC(bodId, pokemonId, "attack")
    local defence   = getPokemonIndividualValueFromPC(bodId, pokemonId, "defence")
    local spattack  = getPokemonIndividualValueFromPC(bodId, pokemonId, "spattack")
    local spdefence = getPokemonIndividualValueFromPC(bodId, pokemonId, "spdefence")
    local speed     = getPokemonIndividualValueFromPC(bodId, pokemonId, "speed")
    return hp + health + attack + defence + spattack + spdefence + speed

function managePC()
    local boxCount = getPCBoxCount()
    local currentBoxSize = getCurrentPCBoxSize()
    if currentBoxId > boxCount then
        return fatal("All box browsed. Best Pokemon (IVs): " .. bestPokemonName .. " with a IV sum of " .. bestIVCount)
    if getCurrentPCBoxId() == currentBoxId then
        log("box #" .. currentBoxId .. ":")
        for i=1,currentBoxSize do
            log("pokemon: " .. getPokemonIdFromPC(currentBoxId, i))
            local ivsSum = pokemonIVSum(currentBoxId, i)
            if ivsSum > bestIVCount then
                bestIVCount = ivsSum
                bestPokemonBox = currentBoxId
                bestPokemonId = i
                bestPokemonName = getPokemonIdFromPC(currentBoxId, i)
        currentBoxId = currentBoxId + 1
        log("opening box #" .. currentBoxId)
        return openPCBox(currentBoxId)
    return false

function onPathAction()
    if isPCOpen() then
        if isCurrentPCBoxRefreshed() then
            log("Box not refreshed")
        if usePC() then
            log("PC closed, using PC (success)")
            log("PC closed, using PC (failure)")
This is result  
[21:39:23] box #10:
[21:39:23] pokemon: Torchic
[21:39:23] pokemon: Torchic
[21:39:23] pokemon: Natu
[21:39:23] pokemon: Farfetch 'd
[21:39:23] pokemon: Natu
so now i want to withdraw farfetch'd 
i tires withdrawPokemonFromPC(10 , 4)
but it did not do nothing

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