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IDEAS AND SUGGESTIONS - Bug Catching Area Script !!!
Probably Already Been Working On Something Of The Kind... But, Well I Would Like To Leave This Idea Here ... (I Have Many Ideas, But I Can Not Scramble Scripts And It's Not For Failing To Try!) Well, A New Area Has Been Added To The Game With Many Spawns Of Pokémon Some Up To Rare (Shelmet, Joltic, Yanma, Larvesta, Dwebble Among Others). I Believe It Would Greatly Help All A Reserved Bot To That Area... I See Some Problems Nothing So Seriously... The Biggest Of Them Believe It Would Be The Restriction Of Power To Enter Once And A Day, 20 Minutes To Feathers And Clear Power To Enter Only A Pokémon That Can not Be Of The Insect Type !!!

Anyway ... Despite These Difficulties I Still Think It's A Good Idea To Make A Script Exclusively For This Area !!!

This Was My Idea... Thank You For Attention !!!

More About This Area ---> https://pokemon-revolution-online.net/Fo...28#p410228
So, this is a script request? Maybe, I'll write one in a few days.
(2017-07-16, 23:52:34)Royal So, this is a script request? Maybe, I'll write one in a few days.

Well It Was Not A Request Well, It Was More A Suggestion ...

Anyway I believe that many other players will be happy when this script is ready ...

Thank you so much !!!

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