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Got Banned When Log In
When I Want To Log In Using My Second Account Got Banned, After That Im using New Account And Got Banned Too.

[5:03:22 PM] Running PROShine by Silv3r, version
[5:05:05 PM] Connecting to the server...
[5:05:11 PM] Connected, authenticating...
[5:05:14 PM] Authentication failed: You are banned from PRO
[5:05:14 PM] Disconnected from the server.

Can Someone Explain This?
Please provide more details what were you doing before this happened. But yeah banned is banned, you must have attract MODs attention (can be suspicious activity). Used the BOT feature and scripts wisely.
Last time i was using blissey farming script
You didn't probably get banned when you logged in, but rather whilst you were offline.

The following is a quote from a PRO staff member, it may be relevant to the situation
QuoteBlue server cleanup. I've banned 15866 accounts due to mass account creation. If you feel that your ban is unjust feel free to appeal on the forums under discipline appeals. If you are affected by this ban your ban reason will be: "Mass spam of accounts. 23.7.2017. Red@Blue".
Ok ty dubs so im must appeal mass spam of accounts?

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