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[feature] PROShine | trading | free for development
Hi everyone,

No trade option integrated yet. To trade money or PKM two game clients are necessary...

[state | free for development]
I only copied the original source code(see comment), removed all trading unrelated stuff and migrated it to the current version. It's unfinished and needs further development. I probably won't do it at the moment, that's why I declared it as "free for development" Wink

[downloads] [comments]
  • Originally someone has started this project, but stopped at 90% and didn't finish it. See the thread Todo list: what the developers are working on
  • It was implemented for PROShine 2.5.1.
  • This is just a cleaned and migrated version from "someone"
    • I didn't do anything, except some file comparison Big Grin 
    • I did only a little testing - first impression: seems to be working fine, needs some fine tuning though
    • thank someone for the current state
  • Since Blissey integrated it into his PROShine version, some voiced their needs for this feature in silv3r's master.
    • Ivo was the one asking me to do this, so give thanks to him if you can work something out with this trade state Wink 
  • No idea how I get my hands on his source code. I think someone from discord messaged it to me
    • so thank you unknown as well Big Grin

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