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How to use moveToRectangle()
moveToRectangle() is a function that will move randomly inside a rectangle which you specify the coordinates of, this is usually used inside caves where you can't use moveToWater() and moveToGrass(). Another option for caves is moveNearExit(mapName). Read more about the PROShine API functions here.

This function takes 4 parameters, we'll call them minX, minY, maxX, and maxY (minX is short for "minimum X coordinate", and maxX is short for "maximum X coordinate").

They must be in the right order, for easier referencing later in this post; this is how it should look.
moveToRectangle(minX, minY, maxX, maxY)
Now we will substitute the placeholder names (i.e. minX, minY, etc.) for their actual values which are numbers.

Short Answer
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Detailed Answer
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Still not working?

Coordinates must not be enclosed in quotation marks
moveToRectangle("15", "21", "21", "23")
moveToRectangle("15, 21, 21, 23")
moveToRectangle(15, 21, 21, 23)

All PROShine functions are case sensitive make sure yours is the right case and spelling
movetorectangle(15, 21, 21, 23)
MoveToRectangle(15, 21, 21, 23)
moveToRectangle(15, 21, 21, 23)

Update: On the Map View you can now right click and drag to select cells you want for your rectangle, the coordinates will be automatically copied to your clipboard.
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