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[Newbie] Need some help!
So currently I decided to use the bot to rush through the story, but there was a bug
Can anyone please help me out? Many thanks! 

[3:56:00 PM] Position updated: Underground2 (5, 17) [OK]
[3:56:07 PM] Script "Questing" by "H1ddenability-Blissey" successfully loaded
[3:56:07 PM] Everything.
[3:56:11 PM] Bot started
[3:56:11 PM] Starting new quest: Thunder Badge Quest: From Route 5 to Route 6
[3:56:12 PM] Error during the script execution: Quests/Quest.luaSad162,1-34): attempt to call a nil value
[3:56:12 PM] Bot stopped

[Image: nWTRt]

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