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Sp.Atk. and Spe. EV's Training (Power Plant)
Sp.Atk and Speed EV's Training @ Power Plant

heres the Code
name = "Power Plant"
author = "Kaide"

function onPathAction()
    if getPokemonHealth(1) > 0 then
        if getMapName() == "Pokecenter 7" then
            moveToCell(8, 14)
        elseif getMapName() == "Route 10" then
            moveToCell(28, 41)
        elseif getMapName() == "Power Plant" then
            moveToRectangle(3, 32, 7, 36)
        if getMapName() == "Power Plant" then
            moveToCell(5, 38)
        elseif getMapName() == "Route 10" then
            talkToNpcOnCell(31, 39)
            moveToCell(27, 27)
            talkToNpcOnCell(8, 11)

function onBattleAction()

Just copy the script then open notepad/notepad++/MS Word then paste the script, then save the filename with .LUA
(Example: filename.lua)

Sorry I don't know the capture script. smile

I hope this script can help Smile.........

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