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QuoteHi guys, I am new to PROShine. I found this -> https://proshine-bot.com/thread-2788.html in the Forum and I found some bug like, it not viewing Porygon-Z and It lags a lot and sometimes it fails to detect the messages which starts and end with "[]" (I found these few days ago and looked for the solution.). I got some knowledge in C# programming but I am still a novice programmer. I changed some code from his I mean the guy -> https://proshine-bot.com/thread-2788.html who released that PROShine there. And now I am feeling this is okay and there no more the lag issue. Hope you guys will like it  Big Grin . See ya. And yeah Credits goes to -> https://proshine-bot.com/thread-2788.html release and their editors. And I added some Comments which may help you a lot to understand how it works.(coz there was no comments and without comments it took me some days to understand the whole code.) If you found any problem let me know.
QuoteDownload links:
Github(Source-Code): https://github.com/PureTrainer/PROShine-Dark-
Releases(download from there): https://github.com/PureTrainer/PROShine-...2/releases
cant log in, outdated?
[16:27:40] Connected, authenticating...
[16:27:41] Authentication failed: Outdated client, please wait for an update
[16:27:41] Disconnected from the server

Guess we need an update
need update thank and pls

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