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PRO Android Mod
First and foremost, all credits for this mod goes to Precious and whomever else helped with it. All i did was add the 2 .dll's from Precious' thread to the .apk and recompile it. 

Now, to use this .apk, you will NEED an external keyboard (either wireless or wired; I use a bluetooth keyboard from my other phone) unless you have a physical keyboard built in (eg. any phone with a slide out keyboard).
The reason for needing a keyboard, other than the on-screen keyboard, is because this mod acts as if your phone is actually a computer since the .dll is intended for a computer and not a phone. So, because of this, ALL text fields are useless since the on-screen keyboard will NOT pop up when you tap on a text field. 

Everything listed in Precious' post about this mod works as stated in the original thread, except for us it's slightly different due to the keyboard issue (not a big deal, really). So you won't have to go back to that thread, or open a new tab/window to check it, i'll quote that post below in another comment so that it's readily accessible. 

1)◆ Unlike any of the other mods that were made fir android using this style, you can move the dialog windows around as if you were on the computer (tap the top of the window and drag it wherever).
2)◆ If you've ever played on the comouter (or seen the command /staffview 1) and you enjoy that, but dissappointed it's not available on mobile, then you should thank Precious and anyone else involved here because now you can zoom in/out with no issues (zooming in constantly will flip the screen so you're playing upside down. Kind of fun).

Don't think i'm forgetting anything, so if you have any issues with this, then feel free to comment here and I'll do my best to reply asap. 

Please do NOT ask me to help change stuff within this apk. I did not, and can not do any sort of coding modifications due to not having a computer. The way this apk is is the exact way I play it myself and I have NO problems (not saying others won't). But please, if you have suggestions, they should be directed towards Precious (either tag him here or post on his thread). 

Download ~~> PRO apk Mod

If this download link doesn't work, please let me know. If someone that downloads it and notices someone else can't download from my link, can you please upload and share it here yourself if I don't fix my link in time? I can edit my post later with your link if I have to.

(2017-12-14, 18:19:17)Precious
Start In Previous Post People just wanted to start the drama again. And I new post here so no drama, please. I am not deleting previous Post so they can know what really happened so don't start a drama here again.
Alright, guys here is the Hack + Mod:
[Image: pSE4THsnQv6ayE4aHepPRA.png]
Note: As you can see there is a function called "Remember Moves" if u tick that it going to create a .dat file so it can save those moves for you. If you don't believe then tick "Remember Moves" and add a move then go to "PRO64Snorlax\PRO64_Data\Resources" and there you'll find the .dat file.
Features: 1)Speed Hacked.
2)Speedup battle.
3)No More Darkness in caves.
4)NPC Details viewer.
5)Link Viwer like PROShine.
6)Anti AFK.
##)Now you can Move Rectangle like PROShine Randomly. Choose ur min coordinates and max coordinates and set them here [Image: HizyCpRhS6yaZcnFg1gz6w.png]
->If you have a problem with the movement can check it: https://proshine-bot.com/thread-2614.html
and then when you found your minX, minY, maxX, maxY then just set them to the textboxes.
[Image: HizyCpRhS6yaZcnFg1gz6w.png]
[/size]##)Now you can choose multiple moves [Image: pSE4THsnQv6ayE4aHepPRA.png] Go to "PRO64Snorlax\PRO64_Data\Resources" to check your added moves right click on "playerMoves.dat" and click edit or open in NotePad or NotePad++ to check moves. And you have to tick "Remember Moves" to save those.

##)[Image: O1jeLJB8TI6ZESvH61QLcA.png] you can now stop the bot at specific Pokemon Encounters. This is a list so u can add as many as you want and if you check "Stop At Specific Pokemons" and "Kill all Pokemons" then bot going to stop at your specific Pokemon and going to kill all other Pokemon and if u uncheck "Kill all Pokemons" this will just forget to attack other Pokemon I meant it will run away from other Pokemon and going to stop at specific Pokemon and if u want to kill all Pokemon just uncheck "Stop At Specific Pokemons" and check "Kill All Pokemons". Hope you understood.

##)[Image: BOzH07D9QrKPmgL1rt1c8w.png] you can use Items(can't use item on Pokemons for now) automatically(Higest 2 items at once). Just set them sometimes it may will fail to detect are u mounted/biking or not so it will try for 2 times or may be sometimes more.
9)[Image: dk-ZewonQu6fxUCN4yWJrw.png] you can understand what these are for, good luck.
10)One more special mod is [Image: trNH1RRISCepMvyIFT_pZg.png] "Move On Click" Zoom out how much you want with Pressing "Ctrl+Mouse Scroller" and then tick the "Move On Click" and click anywhere on the screen and your chracter will be moving to the clicked coordinates. Just one thing after using surf you have to click the place again where u wanted to go.
##)Bot'll stop at any Shiny/Other form Pokemon like event Pokemons ex: Hallowen, X-Mas Poke.
How to Install: 1) Download the Zip.
2) Open yor PRO folder go to "PRO64(or)32_Data\Managed" Make a backup of the "Managed" folder you can name that "Managed_Bac".
3) Exctract the Zip and you'll find 2 dlls . Don't worry the second one is for the tool window to move around on the screen
and first one is the main hack.
4) Just copy both of those dlls and paste into the Managed folder ("Not in the Backup folder").
No one gets the credits. Coz credits go to everyone.
PROShine gets the pathfinding credits PROShine's Source-Code helped me to get the pathfinding thing.

New Things New Hotkeys F1 to start and stop the bot F2 to Hide tools and View them and F3 to view packets logs. Now bot can remember Catch/Kill Pokemon List. PROSnorlax Version Recommended but still can use the current version of PRO.
F1 = Bot Start/Stop
F2 = View/Hide the "Show/Hide" button
F3 = View/Hide  Log Window.
If you got teleported now there will be logs like PROShine. To be aware keep an eye on the mod.
Ex: [Image: sVoVkaeaSUOZYtRNzcuPvA.png]
Now you see maps/links name like PROShine. Ex:
[Image: IWNHKPrOS16UbnoHWPWW5Q.png]
Now the battle system got some delay.(So the "Battle" ballon doesn't get invisible so fast.)
Read the post.
Here is the new version but recommended to use it in the previous versions like PROSnorlax and PROXmasFix( or something like that) but you can try with the new version but you won't get the client side new features in it but not instant ban. They still have to detect by manually like the GM does. For the new version, you have to wait because I have to implement the whole hack in it so need time. For now, enjoy this.
Video(I took one of my friends YouTube Account):

Desclaimer No one is responsible if you get ban from the game for this hack. Just be careful some shit people can report about u so careful.

thx help me update it
Cool and thanks for the credits.
I don't accept any request for at the moment.
(2018-01-24, 05:00:48)Jquery thx help me update it

I honestly don't know how I could help because unfortunately I don't have a computer to be able to edit the .dll needed to be edited. If someone can think of another way, I'd be happy to help more than I already have. This apk was easily done with my phone using APK Editor, so that's not a huge accomplishment, really.

(2018-01-24, 05:14:12)Precious Cool and thanks for the credits.

Np. I have no rights to any credits except with adding your .dll's to the original apk. You did all of the work.
Yoo the download link at the bottom isn't working, mediafire says file removed.

Here's which link
(2020-01-03, 19:53:33)SmokinLantern Yoo the download link at the bottom isn't working, mediafire says file removed.

Here's which link

Lol sorry. This mod has long since been dead. I have a laptop now, so whenever I have time I'll see if I can do anything like this myself. So long as there's still a need for an android mod that is.

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