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Safari Catcher that isn't outdated? :))
Info: I'm looking for a safari zone catcher that looks for 2 pokemon, kangaskhan & dratini! (5 pokemon if possible) 

Maps to Travel: 
-Safari Zone

Catch shiny?: doesn't matter

Catch uncaught pokemon?: doesn't matter, just need the kangaroo and blue snake!

- I did look around but found out most were outdated or didn't work. Thank you in advance!
Id like to have an uodated one aswell. Cant update Safari Time myself, which seems to have a nice amount of features.
Bruh, you have the possibillity to "create a bot on your own"(script) and still like to use something somebody else made for you? The Script you described would take 10-15 minutes to make, for a newbie maybe an hour.
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True i could make it work. But it would have next to no features if i did it for example.
I mean i could hardcode Pokes by place and make the bot move there etc.,
but i like the idea of using pathfinder, which ive never used before.
It would also be nice if it had a Synch feature, but changing to a specific poke allways made me run into a nil value error.
So i still have some stuff to figure out before going for sth like that.

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