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Help with Precious' script creator?
I tried using their script creator but idfk what im doing... lol
I also tried joining their discord but every link is expired.
Im trying to create a script for training a pokemon in the grass on rt 38 right outside ecruteak in johto

Huh Huh Huh
local catchList =

function onPathAction()
return moveToGrass() or moveToWater() or moveToNormalGround()

function onBattleAction()
if isWildBattle() and (isOpponentShiny() or getOpponentForm() ~= 0 or catchList[getOpponentName()]) then
return useItem('Pokeball') or useItem('Great Ball') or useItem('Ultra Ball') or sendAnyPokemon()
return run() or attack() or sendAnyPokemon() or logout()

but u have to go thereagain by urself if ur pokemon die + it always trains the first pokemon if ur first poke dies then its trians the next. used the Proshine Script editor without any specifications

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