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Got Banned. Need help.
So, I was wrongfully banned earlier today. Well, not wrongfully, but the admin who did it was lazy and forgot to do proper procedure (didn't PM me, just teleported me to him a few times and decided that was enough even though he didn't even bother to take me to another map). So when I appealed, I said I started lagging and going back to the same place, then suddenly I got banned (pretended I didn't know he was TPing me). He said he had hard proof I was botting, and when I told him to show it to me so I could argue against it, he stalled sending me a printscreen of Dragon's Den and asking me to show where I was "lagging" at. 

Problem is I didn't really pay attention to that detail when it happened. I was wondering if someone could help me out by telling me (with a prinscreen or something) where the coordinate 46,19 is on the map, that's all the info I have on where he was TPing me to. Having that info along with the fact he didn't PM me (therefore has no real proof) will probably get me unbanned.

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