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Quote### Changes

#### Major changes

* Updated for Pokémon Revolution "Mystical Lugia" (thanks @darkendvoid).
* NPC Trainers are now automatically battled on sight.
This option cannot be disabled, this would be cheating and this can be detected server-side.
* Added a battle view, to interact with the battle directly from the bot (thanks @Zonz).

#### API changes

* Added the relog API function.
* Added the useAnyMove API function, to use anything available in battle, even struggle.
* Added the isRelearningMoves and relearnMove API functions (thanks @IamSanjid).
It is now possible to relearn moves at a move relearner from a script.

#### Interface changes

* The last used settings and script are now saved (thanks @Zonz).
* You can now reload the last script using Ctrl+R (thanks @Zonz).
* Added gender icons to the Pokémon team view (thanks @Zonz).
* Right-clicking on the map now allows you to draw a rectangle (thanks @Zonz).
The coordinates of this rectangle are automatically saved in your clipboard and can be pasted in a script.

#### Other changes and fixes

* The bot will no longer try to run forever when trapped by an ability.
* Right-clicking on the team view should work a little better now.
* This right-click menu no longer displays items you cannot give to a Pokémon.
* The account view is automatically expanded if you saved at least one account.
* When opening the PROShine source code, PROShine is now the startup project (thanks @DubsCheckum).
* Updated the two dependencies Newtonsoft.Json and FontAwesome.WPF to their latest versions.
* Fixed some crashes here and there.

Download link: PROShine-
GitHub link: proshine/releases/tag/v2.8.0.0
Size: 847,398 bytes
SHA-256: fec99177865ca2769984472d190e2dfafc62280a9d2358bc2875f658cd531ae6
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