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How to lower the chance to get banned by PRO staff
Hi guys!!!
I have created this tutorial for all newcomers who have just started with PROshine or for all those 
who will come in the next future.
I want to clarify that even following this guide u will never be sure to be safe 100% so u are warned.
Maybe for those elder member of proshine this guide it may seem stupid but atm i have alot experience 
and account banned (lol) and i want to share with all of u some trick that could save you from a ban!!!

1 - The first thing u need is brain and luck of course lol

2 - If u plan to have multiple account NEVER register similar email or password for example: 
proshine@gmail.com or proshine1@gmail.com with the same password because they are very meticolous
when their are controlling u.

3 - NEVER bot and play with the main account specially in the same map because if they IP ban the bot your main 
account will be banned too!!!

4 - Every time u switch from main account to bot account (or viceversa) change the IP of your computer by restarting your router if u have dinamic ip. 
Because if they ban your account while u are botting u have high change to get banned your main account though is not logged because of IP ban so u are warned!!! 

5 - DONT USE public proxy server because if other player are using the same proxy as your and he get banned u have high chance to get banned too! so if u want to use proxy server use a private one.

6 - DONT make multiple trade everytime from the bot account to main account!!!
yes.....their are controlling all the trade u made too....after u traded some pokemon u caught with the bot to your main account try to sell some pokemon with other player in the trade tab so for PRO staff will be more hard to ban us ;P
Also when u trade your pokemon to your self make a transaction because if u trade for example 5 pokemon with 0 money transaction it sound alot suspicious!

7 - DONT bot H24 or for long time in the same area or event area (like easter plateau)  or most populated area because BIG BROTHER watch us Tongue 
 try to change area every max 2 hr!!!

8 - dont sell everytime with the same account OP pokemon u caught or brag with the people about your catch in chat. stay low profile!!

9 - while u botting eye to dont let bot go to area u are not unlocked yet like mewtwo cave or bicicle lane etc etc because u will be sended to jail BY ANTICHEAT
in pewter city and this mean 1000% BAN!!!

10 - When u open PROshine put to on "staff evader" that option can save u but at the same time its not very reliable because GM can use ghost mode
to hide their self. Also put always to off "auto reconnect" if u have the first option to on because the bot keep log in and log out if any GM is on the map!!!
another good option also is disable messages in your script like this:

function onPathAction()
if isPrivateMessageEnabled() then disablePrivateMessage() end

Yes follow this guide sucks and is not really easy but i can tell u PRO staff are REALLY REALLY SMART 
specially NEROLI...if u are catched by this admin probably u will be 99% banned so eye!!!
(however i managed to escape from his clutches on several occasions ;P)

Let s not make easy for PRO staff ban us Angel Angel Angel

I hope my guide will help u guys and if im forgot any things u can suggest me and i will add ASAP!!!
And i repeate again follow this guide will not make u safe from ban 100% but it certainly lowers considerably the chance to get banned!!!

In the top of thread also i made a poll so u can answer if this guide was useful or not ;P

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