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Hi people.

I m here for talking with this community about a problem.

This saturday i got Banned from PRO.
My main account with 4xx hours mew etc etc ...

I make a apeal to staff for know why.

Someone tell me I use PROshinie (so your stuff) but i didn t (and never) use ur thing and he didn t listen to me.
He tell me something like I know why i got this ban but it s not.

He ban me after this to the PRO forum.

If someone can help me for this.

Or maybe i need to PROshinie, by doing that i would know why i got ban.
But actually, I didn t use something like this and seen how the staff member are I don t know what to think.
hello, several users who have never used any type of bots were banned recently and at least the majority, I have seen that they have not unbanked them. Always with the same thing, they want you to admit that you used something illegal, but they do not verify well, unfortunately my main account, which was not linked to any bot, was suspended, so I do not care, but it gives me bad, to do that . I have no problem, I use proshine now and ready, I try to recover, but many who have not used and were suspended like that, I think it's wrong.
By the way, you will not have another one but to create a new account and start from 0
so there's no chance I'm recovering my account ?

i ll not create a new account and start from 0.

Not after 400+ hours and get ban for nothing x).

I have a hard time believing that they can ban without really checking carefully.

To be honest i m little angry to be banned for nothing I know I didn t do any illégal things.

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