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No action executed: stopping the bot. in Questing.lua
So yah when i start the bot this pops up:

[18:28:12] Bot started
[18:28:12] Starting new quest: Rainbow Badge: Beat Erika + Get Lemonade for future quest
[18:28:22] No action executed: stopping the bot.
[18:28:22] Bot stopped
(2018-05-29, 16:31:15)kneyky Então yah quando eu iniciar o bot este aparece:

[18:28:12] Bot começou
[18:28:12] Começando nova missão: Emblema do arco-íris: Beat Erika + Obter limonada para Quest futuro
[18:28:22] Nenhuma ação executada: parando o bot.
[18:28:22] Bot parou

Tbm to com isso mn, conseguiu corrigir?
That part has never caused an issue for me. maybe check where your character is standing on. it gets stuck when its on a door/yellow thingy which gets you onto the desired map.
You could also try placing it on a different map and check what happens.

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