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My Scripts
Hello people,

after my Pikachu catcher i made some more scripts.
Im willing to share them with you here.
Feel free to use em.

For easier access i uploaded them here aswell as .lua files.
There might be more scripts on my mega folder than in this post, due to adjustments by others.

Pikachu Catcher - Viridian Forest

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Larvitar Catcher - Route 206

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Route 19 (Water) - Fuchsia - Leveler

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Route 33 - Azalea - Leveler

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else if getMapName() == "Route 2 Stop 2" then

else if should be elseif.

But it is really hard to find a syntax error when you post the entire script.
You should NOT try to write an entire script and only test it when it's done.

You are supposed to add a few lines (like 3 or 5) and test if the new lines are working fine. If they are working fine, you can add more lines. If the script no longer works, you know the problem is in the lines you added and you do not need to check everything.
Aahh thanks. couldnt find it cause for me else if and elseif are the same when i look at it. ik more used to c++ and stuff.
Y i shoulda done what you said, but when i start its hard to sop midway to test it Big Grin
Ill check it out once im home.
And i just noticed i was looking ath the wrong line when trying to correct the issue...

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