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Idea on how to make the bot un-bannable
Have there be an option to play a notification whenever you get a PM. That way if you're using the bot while doing something else on your computer you can switch in and tell the mod that you aren't bottling basically making it impossible to ban you while you're still on your computer.
Idk about you, but my ProShine makes a *DING* whenever i get a PM.

I disable PM's anyways when botting.
They will ban you anyways, because they will teleport you to a certain location. Only a human would react a way they can see you are not botting, the bot will just walk straight to the level location, and when it cant walk there, it stops.
So they see if you are botting or not, just looking at your ingame behaivour.
So it won't make a difference, even if you respond to the Staff they would see your walking path's/online time/pkmn catched in 24H: x etc...
Sorry for bad london.
Army of the banned one's:
{º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º}

{º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º}

{º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º} {º_º}
If u want to decrease the chance to get banned u need to check my tutorial anyway u will never safe when u botting.

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