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Help With PokeOne Bot
GitHub - Mitsukiii/PokeTwo: a PokeOne Bot based on Pixel Search and Autoit

 I Have Found This PokeOne Bot which Can only catch shinies by the looks of it right now.There is a Option to lvl up Pokemon But it doesnt seem to Work.I Don't know much about editing scripts and making changes so I would like some help from You Guys On this.

You need To Download AutoIt from here https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads and then open Simple_PokeOne_Bot  To Run It.To Edit It I Can Use Sublime by the looks of it and maybe Notepad and other code softwares can be used too.You have to Run PokeOne In 800x600 And Windowed Mode With PokeOne On Focus.

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