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Bulbasaur Catcher + Optional Leveler Route 4

I edited Silv3r's ditto catcher to make it a Bulbasaur catcher + leveler.

-- Copyright © 2018 Silv3r <silv3r@proshine-bot.com>
-- This work is free. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
-- terms of the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License, Version 2,
-- as published by Sam Hocevar. See the LICENSE file for more details.
-- Modified by DarkMagician. This was the Script for Ditto Farms and I
-- Changed it Bulbasaur Farm

name = "Capture: Bulbasaur, Route 4 (near Cerulean City)"
author = "Silv3r and DarkMagician"
description = [[Bulbasaur - Route 4 - Cerulean City
This script will try to capture Bulbasaur and shinies.
Click 'Show Options' to display the two options:
- It can optionally train the first Pokémon of your team by attacking the opponents.
- It can also use Hypnosis or Sleep Powder before capturing the opponent.
Start anywhere between Cerulean City and Route 4.]]

setOptionName(1, "Train first Pokemon")
setOptionDescription(1, "Attack the wild Pokemon you do not want to capture.")
setOption(1, true)

setOptionName(2, "Use Sleep")
setOptionDescription(2, "Use sleep powder or hypnosis before capturing.")
setOption(2, false)

function getSleepRemainingPP()
    if hasMove(1, "Hypnosis") then
        return getRemainingPowerPoints(1, "Hypnosis")
    if hasMove(1, "Sleep Powder") then
        return getRemainingPowerPoints(1, "Sleep Powder")
    return -1

function onPathAction()
    if getOption(2) and getSleepRemainingPP() == -1 then
        return fatal("Error: The first pokemon must have Hypnosis or Sleep Powder if 'Use Sleep' is enabled.")
    if isPokemonUsable(1) or (getOption(2) and getSleepRemainingPP() == 0) then
        if getMapName() == "Pokecenter Cerulean" then
            moveToMap("Cerulean City")
        elseif getMapName() == "Cerulean City" then
            moveToMap("Route 4")
        elseif getMapName() == "Route 4" then
        if getMapName() == "Route 4" then
            moveToMap("Cerulean City")
        elseif getMapName() == "Cerulean City" then
            moveToMap("Pokecenter Cerulean")
        elseif getMapName() == "Pokecenter Cerulean" then

function onBattleAction()
    if isWildBattle() and (isOpponentShiny() or getOpponentName() == "Bulbasaur") then
        if getOption(2) and getOpponentStatus() != "SLEEP" then
            if useMove("Hypnosis") or useMove("Sleep Powder") then
        if useItem("Ultra Ball") or useItem("Great Ball") or useItem("Pokeball") then
    if getActivePokemonNumber() == 1 and getOption(1) then
        return attack() or sendUsablePokemon() or run() or sendAnyPokemon() or useAnyMove()
        return run() or attack() or sendUsablePokemon() or sendAnyPokemon() or useAnyMove()

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