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Victory Road Leveling Script (Help)
Hello, can anyone help? I edit this script, but after the first 3 Pokemon die, and the character leaves the "Victory Road Kanto 3F" location, he sees no further action and stops the bot. How can i fix this?

name = "Victory Road"
author = "Gandalf"
description = [[Start anywhere between the exit of the Victory Road and the Indigo Plateau.]]

function onPathAction()
   if not (isPokemonUsable(1)) and isPokemonUsable(2)   then
   elseif not (isPokemonUsable(1)) and isPokemonUsable(3) then
   elseif isPokemonUsable(1)or isPokemonUsable(2)or isPokemonUsable(3) then
       if getMapName() == "Indigo Plateau Center" then
           moveToCell(10, 28)
       elseif getMapName() == "Indigo Plateau" then
           moveToCell(21, 31)
       elseif getMapName() == "Victory Road Kanto 3F" then
           moveToRectangle(20, 29, 25, 35)
       if getMapName() == "Victory Road Kanto 3F" then
           moveToCell(46, 13)
       elseif getMapName() == "Indigo Plateau" then
           moveToCell(33, 12)
       elseif getMapName() == "Indigo Plateau Center" then
           talkToNpcOnCell(4, 22)

function onBattleAction()
   if isWildBattle() and isOpponentShiny() then
       if useItem("Ultra Ball") or useItem("Great Ball") or useItem("Pokeball") then
   if getActivePokemonNumber() == 1 then
       return attack() or sendUsablePokemon() or run() or sendAnyPokemon()
       return run() or attack() or sendUsablePokemon() or sendAnyPokemon()

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