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Confrontation with admin
I'am coming back to game, for the first time since 2018, after i've got banned. I remember that i discovered nick an admin in game logs or logs like she wrote to me on below screen, not matter. Anyone can tell me why she was on our community discord? Funny thing to read that after almost 2 years. 

.png   scr2.PNG (Size: 72.79 KB / Downloads: 33)
.png   scr1.PNG (Size: 100.79 KB / Downloads: 18)
.png   scr3.PNG (Size: 68.22 KB / Downloads: 14)
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Since the discord chat is public, anyone can join it, including the PRO staff members.
Most of them joined just for fun, but they also check if anyone uses the same username on both PRO and PROShine.

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