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How To Help?
PROShine is a community driven open source project, that means anyone can contribute to its development.
There are different ways to contribute to PROShine, this topic intends to list the most common ones, but you may find other creative ways on your own.

Contribute to the scripts

The simplest way to contribute is to create small scripts in Lua and share them with the community on this forum.
Of course those scripts need to be tested first, sharing a non-working script would be counterproductive.
If you are not used to programming or do not feel confident about the idea of writing a script on your own, do not hesitate to read the tutorials of the forums, ask questions. Lua is a simple programming language and a very good way to learn programming, if you enjoy using PROShine, there is your chance to learn something cool!

Contribute to the documentation

We write code. Write a lot of code. But we do not always keep the documentation up to date with the latest API functions.
The API documentation has its own repository. It is all written in Markdown and we gladly accept pull requests adding missing functions and examples of use.

Contribute to the code

PROShine is developed in C#, its graphical interface is using XAML/WPF.
You are free to edit the code and propose your modifications by the mean of GitHub's pull requests.
We will review your changes and may ask you to modify some things, we already accepted pull requests in the past. If you are unsure whether something should be or not in PROShine, do not hesitate to open a new ticket and discuss about it with us!
There are some ideas of the feature to develop: todolist.

Support us financially

Alternatively, if you think we deserved it, you can support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/proshine

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