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You should read this before posting
Should i ask for help?
Before posting, you should check if the problem hadn't already been processed.

Here are some links where you could check :
Scripts Section
General Support Section
Requests Section
Tutorials Section

You can also check Scripting : List of API Functions if you only need a function.

How to formulate my post

Your request should contains at least theses elements :
Quote<Explain your problem>
<The Script>
<error if there is one>
<useful details>

<Explain your problem>
[code]<The Script>[\code]
[code]<error if there is one>[\code]
<useful details>

where useful details can be the map/coordinates, if your pokemons are usable (PP+HP+Offensive Skills), etc.

Here is an exemple using this template :
QuoteHello, my script isn't working and i don't see where it comes.
Here is my script :
function onPathAction()
   if getMapName() == "Pokecenter Blacktorn" then
         moveToMap("Blackthorn City")
The error it gives me is :
No action executed: stopping the bot
I don't understand why. Could you help me please ?
and someone could answer by
QuoteYou misspelled the name of Blackthorn in 'Pokecenter Blackthorn'

I did not get an answer
If you didn't get any answer, you should ask yourself : What could have been wrong ?
Your post may be not enough detailled, or some people cannot understand your problem (then try to explain it differently?)

I hope this will help Smile.
Happy botting~
I do NOT publish script and don't accept script requests.
I just help people do their own scripts.

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