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Route 27 Farm
Simple farm that kills lvl 40~ mobs and heals with the old lady nearby
Nets about 20k Exp, and 80 PokeDollars per mob on my lvl 100 Blastoise.

name = "Route 27"
author = "Swaggy"

function onPathAction()
    if getPokemonHealth(1) > 0 then
        if getMapName() == "Route 27 House" then
            moveToCell(3, 6)
        elseif getMapName() == "Route 27" then
            moveToRectangle(63, 10, 68, 11)
        if getMapName() == "Route 27" then
            moveToCell(47, 11)
        elseif getMapName() == "Route 27 House" then
            talkToNpcOnCell(10, 5)

function onBattleAction()

Simply make a notepad with the code in it and name it "Route 27.lua"

I will be making more, send some requests on zones you want a script on.
Can you make a script for Route 22?
Enter in house 27 but doesn't cure.
Frosty Can you make a script for Route 22?
route 22 is already in the bot when you download it, but just in case i will repost it
it will not heal when entering house 27

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